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Throne me down with a feather and call me Shirley!!!

I’ve been building the Game of Thrones, Iron Throne for 4 months now and I am hoping I will get it finished by this weekend.

I’ve been working on and off it for so long. It’s looking amazing though but it’s just taken so much of my time that I need to get it completed.

When I make things, I always put 110% into everything I do. I love my work as you all know but sometimes, when you have been working on something for this long, you just want it finished and out of the way.

My official Studio opening is this weekend. 7.30pm at Revue Studios, Castle Square, Swansea on the 2nd of August. It’s meant to be an informal event so I’m trying to not get too stressed over it. Prop Maker Wales Grand Opening

It’s going to be a brilliant night and one I hope everyone will remember and enjoy for all the right reasons. Then next weekend all my props are being show cased in Margam Castle for the Heroes & Legends Autograph Show where my Game of Thrones Throne, my Star Ship Enterprise and a few other lovely and amazing items will be on display and some even for sale. I am so looking forward to it. We go every year and every year it emits well worth it 😀

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Happy Star Wars Day

As it’s now May the 4th, Also known as Star Wars day, I thought I would share one of the Star Wars props I made for our wedding last December.

This is an At At, to those who don’t know. My prop lights up and making shooting sounds via a motion sensor at the front. It is 6ft 3inch tall and is made from cardboard and plastic. It comes apart into 6 pieces for easier transport. This took me 11 weeks to make and was the first thing I ever made. I love it. My kids named it Toby after our dog 🙂

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Wedding of the Year :-)

I started my prop making obsession last year with my wedding. Adam and I had a Harry Potter and Star Wars wedding and seeing as we were on a very tight budget, I made almost everything myself.

In sure you all know the story by now of what was created, it was a Harry Potter Pensieve, 6ft At At, Honeydukes sweetie trolly, table centre pieces, invitations, Harry Potter trunk and Trolly, complete with Hedwig in her cage, all the posies, tiaras, jewellery and buttonholes. I made almost everything. I loved it and couldn’t get enough.

Then in January we were asked to enter the Wedding of the Year in the South Wales Wedding Magazine. How could I refuse lol. We have now made it into the first round. We are up against 3 other couples and I have to say, they all look incredible indeed.

However, I wouldn’t be much of a fighter if I told you to vote for them lol, so please vote for Adam and my Harry Potter and Star Wars Wedding :-D. Please vote here –
Wedding of the Year Competition

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17 hours till my next studio shift :-D

I love my job. Tomorrow for me is a fresh new start to a potentially awesome week. I’m really hoping that my meeting will finally happen this week and the first few sword hilts are going to be fitted to our Iron Throne.

We have decided if wer able to, to get Julian Glover (Game of Thrones) to sign our throne at the Heroes and Legends Autograph Show in Margam in August. I am so very excited but so nervous that it won’t look amazing. I am my own worst critic with my own work so I don’t want to let any one down.

Il be in the studio from about 4pm onwards tomorrow and it will be hours well spent. I will be there on my own because Monica has to revise for her GCSEs in May. To be fair, she is gutted to be missing her studio shifts.

Last night my night time reading was the Game of Thrones book, all about the series. They have some fantastic pictures of the Iron Throne in there. Wow what an amazing piece of art work. It said that even though the throne was meant to be really uncomfortable but for the sake of the actors, they made it a bit more comfy. I was saying to Mon last week that I would have to change this throne, because it is a bit to nice to sit on lol. Oh well I have plenty of ideas up my overalls sleeve 😉

Keep checking back to see how wer getting on

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Dr Who?……

Happy Easter to you all. Our Sunday has been full of chocolate, roast chicken dinner and Dr Who.

I havnt been into it for that long. I watched it a lot as a child but as I got older I got alittle bored. Then, last year, we were informed that part of the Dr Who 50th anniversary episode was being film behind our house and took a peek. Managed to get told off by members of the crew for getting my head in one of David Tennants shots and then had to make a run for it. We then took my nephew Riley to the Dr Who Experience in Cardiff last December. Got to say, I loved it more then they did, so naturally I started watching all the past episodes back to back. It’s just brilliant. Can’t stop watching it. I have decided, like a good and caring Mum, I am going to paint my boys bedroom door like the front of the Tardis. Quite looking forward to it really. I painted their wall with a scene from Batman. They loved it and so do it.

Dr Who is also a good place for Prop inspiration. I was thinking of making a K9 replica. Need to get the Iron Throne out of the way first. That is going to make such a awesome office chair 😉

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Game of Thrones?

20140416-071953 pm.jpg

Who’s a fan of GoT? Well I have started to watch it and I have to say, is it just me or is it soft porn? I tried to watch it but after watching the episodes with the man who married all his daughters and got them all pregnant, then the episode where they killed all those children, that was enough for me. It’s been a fantastic place for inspiration for my work, and because of this, I am now making a replica of The Iron Throne, but that’s as far as it goes.

I have managed to build the chair and it is now ready to decorate with the swords, going to take me a few months, but I’m loving the challenge so far. I’m really hoping that it will be show cased at Margam Castle on the 9th and 10th of August for the Heroes and Legends Autograph show. Julian Glover is attending, so wouldn’t it be incredible if I could get a picture of him sat in it? I tell you something though, it hasn’t been easy so far.

Last week I decided to use expanding foam for the first time, Great, yes? Well when that stuff touches your skin, it’s not so great because it is almost impossible to get off. Of course I didn’t know this when I picked some up that had exploded onto the cardbored. I loved the feel of it. it was like spongy silk until I tried to wash it off. I tried everything, Bleach, floor cleaner, washing powder, suger, expanding foam gun cleaner, nail varnish remover, wd40, you name it, I probably tried it. Nothing worked. It’s been 5 days and it’s still on my hands. I ended up using a nail file in the end, but it still have it across the backs of my hands lol. Oh well, if you don’t laugh, you cry!!!

After a while I thought it was funny, till I realised I would have to drive home!!! Adam to the rescue lol