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Throne me down with a feather and call me Shirley!!!

I’ve been building the Game of Thrones, Iron Throne for 4 months now and I am hoping I will get it finished by this weekend.

I’ve been working on and off it for so long. It’s looking amazing though but it’s just taken so much of my time that I need to get it completed.

When I make things, I always put 110% into everything I do. I love my work as you all know but sometimes, when you have been working on something for this long, you just want it finished and out of the way.

My official Studio opening is this weekend. 7.30pm at Revue Studios, Castle Square, Swansea on the 2nd of August. It’s meant to be an informal event so I’m trying to not get too stressed over it. Prop Maker Wales Grand Opening

It’s going to be a brilliant night and one I hope everyone will remember and enjoy for all the right reasons. Then next weekend all my props are being show cased in Margam Castle for the Heroes & Legends Autograph Show where my Game of Thrones Throne, my Star Ship Enterprise and a few other lovely and amazing items will be on display and some even for sale. I am so looking forward to it. We go every year and every year it emits well worth it 😀

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The ‘WAX’ Factor!

Over the last few weeks I have been trying to figure out how to creat the waxy leaves on the Audrey 2 I have been asked to make to promote the production of “The Little Shop of Horrors” at The Gwyn Hall, Neath.

It was driving me totally mad. How on earth could I do this with the limited products I had at the studio plus a limited budget?

I first turned to the thin foam boards I had and started to cut out leaves. Then I used the glue gun to apply string to creat the leaves vains. I then applied tissue paper to the leaves to try and get a good back ground to paint for the colour and texture. It turned out stiff as a bored. My husband said it looked great but it wasn’t suitable for Audrey’s waxy and flexible leaves. He was right. I wanted people to touch her leaves and for them to feel real, and what I had created just wasn’t suitable.

So I then turned to the leather effect fabric I had used for the Gargoyle wings and I started to cut out leave shapes. This stuff is a total pain in my arse but on one side the glue from the glue gun for the sting would stick which was brilliant. Again I applied the tissue paper using PVA glue mixed with latex and then once that was dry I applied the paint.

At first the leaves were stuff because of the tissue paper I had used, but I turned to the think latex I had bought from B&Q. I brushed the latex all over the leaves, front and back. Once the latex had dried, the leaves had gone back to being floppy and playable. Just perfect for the effect I wanted. The best part was that the latex made the leaves feel waxy and real. I was completely thrilled. Now all I have to do is produce the rest lol.

I’m loving this Audrey 2 so much. She’s going to be epic 😀

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