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New recruits :-)

We are very pleased to welcome a new artist to our studio tomorrow. We understand that they volunteer for a small production theatre company and this lady has been responsible for putting most of their props together. I have invited her to come along to our studio because I have already seen what she is capable of and want to help her grow her skills further. I’m looking forward to working with her as I’m sure she can also open my eyes to a few things in the prop making world. I have also told her to bring along some of her on-going projects for us to take a look at and see if there is anything we can do to help.

With my Prop Making business, this is what I want to do. I love the idea of like minded students/individuals coming to my studio and working together. I understand that this lady is also self taught just like me so it’s a great way to get stuck in.

At the end of the day this job is my passion and if I can share that then I’m more then happy too.

If anyone is interested or you know someone who is interested in doing a little work experiences it us, then get in touch.

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Happy Star Wars Day

As it’s now May the 4th, Also known as Star Wars day, I thought I would share one of the Star Wars props I made for our wedding last December.

This is an At At, to those who don’t know. My prop lights up and making shooting sounds via a motion sensor at the front. It is 6ft 3inch tall and is made from cardboard and plastic. It comes apart into 6 pieces for easier transport. This took me 11 weeks to make and was the first thing I ever made. I love it. My kids named it Toby after our dog 🙂

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Getting a business off the ground!!

As this is a new business venture, I have been doing the right thing and letting all the theatre groups, companies, burlesque dancers know I exist. Some emails I receive back are positive and the companies are excited to hear that there is someone like me near them, and then other emails ask me for a list of shows I have supplied, but being a new business, I don’t have this sort of list yet, isn’t that what I’m trying to achieve? And because I can not supply a ‘List’ I hear nothing back. these companies arnt even big. You’d think being small that they would want to save money and support a local business, but I guess I’ve been wrong.

So I guess it’s back to reminding companies that I am here, getting the word out and shouting my name from the roof tops. As it’s only me and my daughter so far, making these items, I still need to take it slow, but how on earth am I meant to get work if these companies don’t give me the time of day. They havnt even seen my work yet.

On the other hand, 1 theatre group seems extremely keen to meet me, they have seen some of my work and they seem pleased. I don’t know what they want from me yet, but what ever it is I am so excited to find out. As Stacey would say “Onwards and Upwards” 🙂

So here’s to getting bigger, better and more skilled at what I do. This is my passion, my dream, my job and my skill. I love what I do and work every day. Surly this will come to something,

won’t it???

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Work calls me yet again :-)

By the name of the title it sounds like I don’t enjoy my job but I truly do. In off to work for another 6 hour shift and then it will be home for dinner.

Today I am finishing off the claws for the gargoyle wings, and finishing off the painting of them.

When I paint something, I always take pictures of the progress I’m making so when I go home, or just look back in the studio, it helps me to see it from a different perspective. I look at the pictures and see what needs changing. It really helps. You should try it.

Regarding the gargoyle wings, after I took the picture and adjusted the contrast, I could see that they needed to be painted darker. You can see for your self in the pictures. I’m my line of work, the painting and finishing touches are everything to making an item look real. In this case, to look like stone.

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7 hours to go :-)

Maybe I should camp out in my studio? I seem to be living there. Not that I mind, I love it and trust me, if you were there, you would love it too.

Today, I have to figure out how to best apply these wings. I lay in bed last night doing a Da Vinci. I was mapping out what I had to do technique by technique. Not easy when it’s 12am. I normally need complete silence so in bed is always the best time, because I sleep with ear plugs in. I lay there, and do a step by step reconstruction of the item I’m building. I need to see it from every angle. This way I can also see potential problems and work round them virtually before actually starting anything for real.

Quite clever really. A bit big headed I know but being the only Be-Spoke prop maker in the whole of South Wales, I haven’t met anyone else who can do it through construction and because of my disabilities, I have been classed as “Different” for years so why not get excited about something amazing ;-).

At first I just thought everyone was being kind when they would compliment my work but now I am starting to believe that I could actually be good at this job. I guess my problem is, I am still very much a beginner in the field, so I don’t feel confident enough to say I am good at it.

So in 7 hours or so, I will be back again, in my awesome studio, doing what I love and full filling a dancers dream of having her very own pair of Gargoyle wings. I pray I don’t let her down xxxx

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Full time Mums are NOT suitable for this job!!

Being dyslexic I use to get a lot of people telling me I couldn’t do something, I’m use to it, I like to prove them wrong though but it’s not a very rare thing to hear.

But last year I was told the same thing for a very different reason indeed! I started sending out emails to studios and theatre companies around Wales, expressing my passion and desperate to learn more. I had a few replies, and they were all very positive. I became very excited and was raring to learn more about my skills. I went to one place towards the end of last year and was shown around and introduced to the people who worked then. Saw the amazing things they did and saw that it was all within my skill range. This got me very excited indeed.

Towards the end of my day there, I was approached by one of the members of staff. We got chatting and they then said to me
“You are not suitable for this sort of work, because you are a full time Mum”

Well I stood there in shock!! Not suitable? Really?

In February this year, my friend Stacey, owner of Revue Studios, Swansea, told me that the best form of revenge is success!!! How true she was. I have done really well so far and work bloody hard. When the studios open and the kids are in school or Adam is home from work, I’m working. I love it. Time flies. It really is my passion.

So here’s two fingers up to that person, and any other person out there who has been told they can’t do something, prove them wrong and shine!!!! We are all capable. People like that make me far more determined and I’m a much better person for it 😉

Little Shop of Horrors ;-)

Wow what a commission. I remember watching this film when I was a kid and it just completely baffled me lol. I have been approached to make a small version of the man eating plant. This, I have to say is going to be a fantastically fun commission if approved.

I have done my research and have taken lots of pictures of the venous fly trap and have the film on my sky box to watch. For research of course 😉

I have lots to think about and lots to complete in the mean time but what a mind spinner he he. There are lots of hand made versions on line, some are incredible, and some are……….. Well take a look for your selves.

As I said before, this commission is not approved yet but here’s hoping. What a one for my books that will be.

Keep checking back for any updates,

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