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King Robert Baratheon Back on His Iron Throne

My God what a ride. I think it’s safe to say I have the best job EVER. 

It’s been so long since I wrote a blog but here it is. As some of you may know I made an Iron Throne replica last year. It took 4 months with friends and family coming in to the studio to make a hilt each. It was to be the biggest project so far. 

By the time I had finished I hated it lol. I wanted to get rid of it and just sell it but I am so glad it never sold.

A very very good friend of mine told a few of his friends who happen to run a few Comic Con conventions around to UK about it and suddenly in Febuarty I was getting endless calls from people asking could the hire it for their event? Well I was in total shock and amazed that they liked it enough to want it lol. 

I’m my own worst critic so I see so many problems with it that I couldn’t understand why someone would WANT to hire it. So for the next 2 months I updated it. Adding more hilts and blades and a total new paint job. It looked pretty good but in my eyes not good enough. I worried that no one at Wales Comic Con would like it and that they would say it was total crap but I went to Wales Comic Con with it anyway. 

I was amazed. There were endless lines and crowds of people wanting to sit on MY Iron Throne. There was no break from it. It was completely amazing. I had almost 1000 people sit and have pictures on my throne. They loved it. I couldn’t of been happier. 

Then towards the end of the day, a few familiar faces showed up to have their picture on my Iron Throne. Andy Kellegher, Kerry Ingram, Conan Stevens and the King himself, Mark Addy. Conan and Mark both signed my throne. I didn’t have a pen for Kerry and Andy as they came first. Trust me I won’t be making that mistake again!!!!

I just could believe how amazing they all were. Mark Addy even gave me a hug and said well done after he signed it. It truly made my day. 

So now not only have I got an Iron Throne replica that I made myself, I have an Iron Throne that has been used and signed by some of the cast members and has NOW been approved by HBO themselves who tweeted that if they loose the one in Belfast, there’s another one in Tonna, Neath lol. 

I wasn’t a Game of Thrones fan till I started to make my Throne. My Throne is now being hired out to more conventions this year and the condition is that if there are Game of Thrones cast members there, they have to have a picture on my Throne and sign the back of it as well. 

I am now building something really special to go with the throne on its travels so will post pictures up as I get them.