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Video Blog, Really?

I have been asked by a few people to start a blog of my job. At first I said to them that I have a blog, but they said a video blog. Where I talk about my job and show some of the tricks of the trade. At first the idea scared the life out of me as I would prefer to be behind the camera but then I got to thinking, this would be classed as teaching wouldn’t it? Showing my students far and wide how to be a prop maker. I would be totally crap at first but hay, I’d get use to it.

So starting next week I am going to try and do a blog of my job. Showing a few techniques at how to do what it is I do. I’m all self taught so I might get an ear full from other prop makers but hay I don’t care. It’s all a bit of fun lol

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Crafty Beggars ;-)

Today has been a very strange and draining day. First of all my lovely friend offered to have my little 4 year old for me after school so I could work from home in peace, then after 30 mins relaxing with a coffee I remembered I had to be at my favourite shop Crafty Beggars to do a small interview on camera explaining my love and connection with them.

All my tv related friends know I am not good in front of the camera. Even though I have gone through it all in my head and recited it over and over again. I still manage to mess up or continuously say the word “Erm”

So I was asked to stand I between 2 of their aisles I clipped on my mini mic onto my top and proceeded to be asked questions. As I mentioned before, it was mostly erms and silences lol but when I did manage to get a few words out I told them that if it wasn’t for Crafty Beggars, I would not of been able to start my own business. About 75% to 80% of my stock comes from them, the other 20% is divided between B&Q, EBay and Others.

If you ever get a chance to go then it is well worth it.

Crafty Beggars is a charity. They recuse rubbish, recycling from going into landfill and the money they make goes back into the charity again. They also have a lovely and very low priced shop there which sells anything from air drying clay, plaster or Paris, paints, varnish, gloss, chalks, paint brushed, face paints and PVA glue. I live in there. The kids love it too.

Take a look at there website Crafty Beggars, Swansea

If you get a chance, honestly you won’t be disappointed 😀