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Video Blog, Really?

I have been asked by a few people to start a blog of my job. At first I said to them that I have a blog, but they said a video blog. Where I talk about my job and show some of the tricks of the trade. At first the idea scared the life out of me as I would prefer to be behind the camera but then I got to thinking, this would be classed as teaching wouldn’t it? Showing my students far and wide how to be a prop maker. I would be totally crap at first but hay, I’d get use to it.

So starting next week I am going to try and do a blog of my job. Showing a few techniques at how to do what it is I do. I’m all self taught so I might get an ear full from other prop makers but hay I don’t care. It’s all a bit of fun lol

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Happy Star Wars Day

As it’s now May the 4th, Also known as Star Wars day, I thought I would share one of the Star Wars props I made for our wedding last December.

This is an At At, to those who don’t know. My prop lights up and making shooting sounds via a motion sensor at the front. It is 6ft 3inch tall and is made from cardboard and plastic. It comes apart into 6 pieces for easier transport. This took me 11 weeks to make and was the first thing I ever made. I love it. My kids named it Toby after our dog 🙂

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