I don’t agree (cross face)

Over the last few days I’ve been coming down with something or other but now it has finally started to come out. I am feeling totally drained and full of old but luckily because I am self employed I can take time off from work without having to tell my boss.

This is great but the only problem is I don’t get paid for being off. I know this is even a regular problem with employed people at the moment with the “0 Hours Contracts” that becoming so popular with employers these day and with this I do not agree with.

For me it’s my choice not to be employed and to be my own boss but then there are people out there who work say 30 to 70 hours + a week and yes they get paid, but then if anything happens, and because of their 0 hours contract, they don’t get paid a penny. This is wrong, so wrong and shouldn’t don’t be aloud!!!!

I know that some employees don’t have a choice but to take these jobs but where the employer is concerned it’s just discusting.

Anyway, rant over with. Enjoy your day my fellow bloggers and readers.

20140701-073624 am-27384312.jpg


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