Name change from Managing Mischief Designs to Prop Maker Wales

We’ve had our biggest commission to date. An entire set for a pantomime of Cinderella to be performed over 4 days in December. I’ve got to say, the most exiting part for me is I get to make a fully working carriage full of lights and all sparkly he he. It’s all going so well for us here so we can’t complain. With so much to do, I feel our year is very much a busy one.

And after we had our meeting with one of our advisers, we have decided to change our name for the better and to make it easier for customers and most importantly our fans to find us.

Wer going from Managing Mischief Designs to

‘Prop Maker Wales’

Please spread the word of our change. The wheels were set in motion last week. But in the mean time we have a lot to do in the studio. So much mess to make and so much fun to be had 😀

20140607-125415 pm-46455037.jpg

20140607-125415 pm-46455397.jpg

20140607-125416 pm-46456176.jpg


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