More hilts are built.

My shift in the studio today was busy making more hilts for the Iron Throne. I managed to get 4 more made before I had a visitor called Matthew. Such a sweetie as he knows him and his friend Tom are welcome to visit any time they wish but next time I may get them to get their hands dirty with a bit of air drying clay making lol.

I have built a de different famous sword hilts, see if you can take a guess at them. The pictures are not that good I’m afraid. Not studio tomorrow as it’s shut but I’m back in on Saturday.

In the mean time today, we went to visit Audrey 2 at the Gwyn Hall in Neath and my boys had a picture with her. She’s looking amazing and so many people have said they have booked tickets to see the play which is brilliant. Keep them coming. We want this show sold out!!!!!

20140530-125610 am-3370489.jpg

20140530-125608 am-3368061.jpg

20140530-125608 am-3368957.jpg


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