An inspirational Holliday

My husband and I are in Rome on our honeymoon after we got married last December but because of our children and our work commitment we couldn’t go away till now.

After taking a business starter course last week, we were told that the best inspiration comes from taking breaks from work, and they wernt wrong. I have had more inspiration over the last 5 days then I ever thought. I won’t go into it right now, but I am looking forward to visiting a certain store in Swansea 😀

Anyway, we have had an incredible honeymoon here in Rome while staying at the Crown Plaza, St Peters, it’s been amazing. Wer now waiting for our transport to Da Vinci’s Airport before our flight leaves at 4.10pm.

20140527-122734 pm-44854308.jpg

20140527-122734 pm-44854150.jpg

20140527-122734 pm-44854438.jpg

20140527-122733 pm-44853967.jpg

20140527-122737 pm-44857203.jpg

20140527-122735 pm-44855257.jpg


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