What a week!!!

What a week and weekend it’s been. Honestly I havnt stopped, I’ve even been getting up early which, if you ask any of my friends or family, I just don’t do that!!!!

As most of you know I finally finished the Gargoyle Wings for a truly lovely customer who is going to be performing with them in London in June. I am so excited to see this myself. After completing them, they were then on their way to their new home at 11pm on Friday night. I was glad to finish them and I don’t miss them because they look so incredibly amazing on the lady who they were be-spoke made for 😉

Audrey 2 is coming along. The leaves are all finished, all 35 of them lol. These leaves are quite big. All hand made and painted, then latexed to get that rubbery/waxy feel to them. So I will be attaching them to the vine and decorations that. I have a large ceramic plant pot for her to sit in. For that I think I will use expanding foam so she’s safe and doesn’t move.

The finished prop is going to be displayed in the Gwyn Hall next week to advertise the production of The Little Shop of Horrors.

I’m really looking forward to it myself 😀

20140518-093058 pm.jpg

20140518-093359 pm.jpg


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