The Gargoyle Wings are now COMPLETE!!!! Yes they left the house last night at 11pm and had a very long but hopefully safe trip to Birmingham. They will be used in a performance next month so I will be reporting on that.

Wow what a learning curve though. I am totally shattered and have refused to get out of bed for anyone until now that is lol.

I was having a bit of a melt down yesterday because the wings just didn’t want to dry and the lady who was collecting them had come all the way from Birmingham to collect them. I have never felt so sick in my life. But with help from my customer, we got it dry together. That’s team work for you. Now she has offered to come back to the opening of my studio with her full costume on for all of you lucky people to see 🙂

I really enjoyed seeing the wings leave mind but I was totally blown away by how they came out. Granted they were very heavy but looked incredible. The lady in question told me that when she enquired to other companies about making some wings, they all said NO! She asked around 20 different companies/designers. So after hearing this I was determined to be the company who said YES!!!!

Never again though, I think unless someone offers me £1000 I may consider it but until then, these wings are a one off.

Now my task today is to buy my son a pair of shoes, and then finally continue with Audrey 2. More latex being used today 🙂

20140517-103146 am.jpg

20140517-030903 pm.jpg


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