The ‘WAX’ Factor!

Over the last few weeks I have been trying to figure out how to creat the waxy leaves on the Audrey 2 I have been asked to make to promote the production of “The Little Shop of Horrors” at The Gwyn Hall, Neath.

It was driving me totally mad. How on earth could I do this with the limited products I had at the studio plus a limited budget?

I first turned to the thin foam boards I had and started to cut out leaves. Then I used the glue gun to apply string to creat the leaves vains. I then applied tissue paper to the leaves to try and get a good back ground to paint for the colour and texture. It turned out stiff as a bored. My husband said it looked great but it wasn’t suitable for Audrey’s waxy and flexible leaves. He was right. I wanted people to touch her leaves and for them to feel real, and what I had created just wasn’t suitable.

So I then turned to the leather effect fabric I had used for the Gargoyle wings and I started to cut out leave shapes. This stuff is a total pain in my arse but on one side the glue from the glue gun for the sting would stick which was brilliant. Again I applied the tissue paper using PVA glue mixed with latex and then once that was dry I applied the paint.

At first the leaves were stuff because of the tissue paper I had used, but I turned to the think latex I had bought from B&Q. I brushed the latex all over the leaves, front and back. Once the latex had dried, the leaves had gone back to being floppy and playable. Just perfect for the effect I wanted. The best part was that the latex made the leaves feel waxy and real. I was completely thrilled. Now all I have to do is produce the rest lol.

I’m loving this Audrey 2 so much. She’s going to be epic 😀

20140512-123515 am.jpg

20140512-123523 am.jpg

20140512-123535 am.jpg


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