Grand Opening Plans?

Where do I start with planning a grand opening?

I’m worried that the guests who turn up are going to be thinking it’s going to be all grand, posh, very formal, and well-to-do because it’s not going to be lol. There will be a buffet, and bubbly but that’s about it lol. It’s just going to be a lot of fun and very informal.

I have asked my friend to do a bit of stand up comedy for the evening but feel guilty for asking him lol.

Anyone got any ideas? I’ve got my friend popping over to my studio this afternoon to have a chat about what can be done. Going to take in a few TVs from the house to have some things on display.

All my items on display and maybe il have a Iron Throne for our guests to have a seat.

Once it’s all over its on to wind street for some more drinks and a bit of a boogie lol.

So, that’s all I’ve got so far, feel free to spread the word, August the 2nd at 7.30pm at Revue Studios, Castle Square, Swansea.

20140507-101219 am.jpg


2 thoughts on “Grand Opening Plans?

  1. I wouldn’t worry to much, especially about people thinking it is a ‘posh’ event or anything like that – just enjoy the experience, it’s nice to get people to come in, see what you’re doing and feedback about it – Invite specific people that you want to come and have an open invite for everyone else, makes the specific people feel a bit more special.

    I’ll be there with bells on!! x

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