Being a Workaholic!

There are perks to loving your job, but there are problems too. I work 6 days a week and if the studio was open on a Friday, it would be all 7 days so maybe that’s a good thing lol.

In work I run on adrenalin but the second I get home I crash. It’s a stunning day out and I am chilling after my dinner and then wer all going to enjoy some ice cream with chocolate sauce (yum yum)

Tomorrow, if my stuff dries quick enough, I will be in work from 12 till 8pm. Still so much to do which is a good thing but I can’t wait to finish šŸ™‚

20140504-064714 pm.jpg

20140504-064726 pm.jpg

20140504-064737 pm.jpg

20140504-064746 pm.jpg

20140504-064801 pm.jpg


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