Work calls me yet again :-)

By the name of the title it sounds like I don’t enjoy my job but I truly do. In off to work for another 6 hour shift and then it will be home for dinner.

Today I am finishing off the claws for the gargoyle wings, and finishing off the painting of them.

When I paint something, I always take pictures of the progress I’m making so when I go home, or just look back in the studio, it helps me to see it from a different perspective. I look at the pictures and see what needs changing. It really helps. You should try it.

Regarding the gargoyle wings, after I took the picture and adjusted the contrast, I could see that they needed to be painted darker. You can see for your self in the pictures. I’m my line of work, the painting and finishing touches are everything to making an item look real. In this case, to look like stone.

20140503-115328 am.jpg

20140503-115348 am.jpg


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