Getting a business off the ground!!

As this is a new business venture, I have been doing the right thing and letting all the theatre groups, companies, burlesque dancers know I exist. Some emails I receive back are positive and the companies are excited to hear that there is someone like me near them, and then other emails ask me for a list of shows I have supplied, but being a new business, I don’t have this sort of list yet, isn’t that what I’m trying to achieve? And because I can not supply a ‘List’ I hear nothing back. these companies arnt even big. You’d think being small that they would want to save money and support a local business, but I guess I’ve been wrong.

So I guess it’s back to reminding companies that I am here, getting the word out and shouting my name from the roof tops. As it’s only me and my daughter so far, making these items, I still need to take it slow, but how on earth am I meant to get work if these companies don’t give me the time of day. They havnt even seen my work yet.

On the other hand, 1 theatre group seems extremely keen to meet me, they have seen some of my work and they seem pleased. I don’t know what they want from me yet, but what ever it is I am so excited to find out. As Stacey would say “Onwards and Upwards” šŸ™‚

So here’s to getting bigger, better and more skilled at what I do. This is my passion, my dream, my job and my skill. I love what I do and work every day. Surly this will come to something,

won’t it???

20140503-113450 pm.jpg


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