A ghostly Encounter?

So today’s studio shift consisted of Gargoyle wings, paint, glue guns, natural sponges, tissue paper and music from the Phantom of the Opera. Then during a search for a plaster after taking some of my thumb skin off with my glue gun, I got chatting to the owner of Revue Studios about ghosts.

Apparently the studio there is haunted. I personally havnt seen anything myself but I’ve heard a few things. According to Stacey, my studio is the most haunted. This doesn’t frighten me at all because I grew up in a haunted house so I’m use to it.

I think in going to have to take a few photos and see what shows up lol. If I find anything I will let you all know.

As for the wings, I’m in all day tomorrow and bank holiday Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and then a day off on Friday. I am determined to finish them by the weekend, if not before šŸ™‚

20140503-082443 pm.jpg


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