Artificial Gargoyle!!

This evening I have been going backwards and forwards between 2 commissions. 1 was the Audrey 2 and the other has been painting the Gargoyle wings.

Audrey 2 has been just tissue paper today but the gargoyle wings have needed an extra special touch.

Because the material I have been using has been so sleek and nothing has been sticking to it, I have been using a cocktail of normal water base paint, mixed with PVA glue, Latex and Water.

I havnt wanted these wings shiny because I want them looking like stone. This way the paint had stayed matt and it is holding to the wings well. So far the are 3 coats of different colours on them and there will be another 3 more to get that depth effect.

I know I undercharged the performer for these wings, and if someone was going to ask again for some, it would be no less then £1’000 for a pair. I have learnt my lesson now. I am enjoying making them and I can not wait for the performer to put them on for the first time but if I was to be asked to make more it would be a much higher price indeed!!!!

20140501-103354 pm.jpg


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