Well, that’s LATEXED it!!!!

Working from home today on this commission has been a challenge and a half. I have been using this fabric that has been saved from going into land fill by Crafty Beggars. It feels very leathery, and tough, just perfect for what I needed from it, but what I didn’t realise was, this material is so differnt, nothing sticks to it. No needles can pass through it, and, Latex just runs off it. There is one positive thing though, it feels lovely to cut lol.

So my husband, went to Halfords and bought me some spray glue that you can use to apply seat covers to cars, and guess what, not even that would work. No wander this stuff was thrown out!! I have even tried that stuff “No Nails” and that didn’t even work. It just seemed hopeless.

Adam then suggested using staples. I thought that this would look terrible on the commission, but so far, the latex had been happy to stick to these and has covered them well. This means I should be able to paint over them to hide them (I hope) so wel just have to wait and see. As you all know by now, I’m not one for giving in easily lol.

Oh well. This commission is almost done. Can’t wait to finish it, and when I do, I will be buying a HUGE bottle of bubbly to celebrate 😉


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