Gargoyle Wings are GO!!!

According to Twitter, this blog is trending lol. Enjoy 😉


I had an order a few months ago for some extendable Gargoyle wings. The lady in question told me that she had been turned down by every company she had approached to build them. I was determined, I would be the company that completed them for her. As I am not skilled in the mettle or welding side of things I asked my incredibly talented father-in-law to maybe have a go. Bless him, he worked very hard to get it finished for me and now they are in my possession.

I have about 3 long studio shifts to get as much of this commission finished before the dead line next week. It is going to take all my skill but I WILL complete it. The lady who has ordered them has been incredibly patient with me and has not pestered us at all.

So starting today I have begun creating…

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