7 hours to go :-)

Maybe I should camp out in my studio? I seem to be living there. Not that I mind, I love it and trust me, if you were there, you would love it too.

Today, I have to figure out how to best apply these wings. I lay in bed last night doing a Da Vinci. I was mapping out what I had to do technique by technique. Not easy when it’s 12am. I normally need complete silence so in bed is always the best time, because I sleep with ear plugs in. I lay there, and do a step by step reconstruction of the item I’m building. I need to see it from every angle. This way I can also see potential problems and work round them virtually before actually starting anything for real.

Quite clever really. A bit big headed I know but being the only Be-Spoke prop maker in the whole of South Wales, I haven’t met anyone else who can do it through construction and because of my disabilities, I have been classed as “Different” for years so why not get excited about something amazing ;-).

At first I just thought everyone was being kind when they would compliment my work but now I am starting to believe that I could actually be good at this job. I guess my problem is, I am still very much a beginner in the field, so I don’t feel confident enough to say I am good at it.

So in 7 hours or so, I will be back again, in my awesome studio, doing what I love and full filling a dancers dream of having her very own pair of Gargoyle wings. I pray I don’t let her down xxxx

20140428-075631 am.jpg


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