Watching the Little Shop of Horrors

While having a quiet night off last night, with a glass of well deserved wine and an Indian, I sat down to watch, The Little Shop of Horrors. I Havnt watching this film since I was a kid and needed to do some research on Audrey 2.

I Havnt to say, I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it as much as I did. I have to admit, I did fast forward a few of the songs, not Steve Martins of course, but the soppy love songs between Seymour and Audrey. I just can’t cope with that. The rest of the film was brilliant. How the hell did they get Audrey 2 to move like she does in the film. It was made in the early 80s. I’m so impressed.

So anyway, I did however do my research and take lots of photos of the colours they have used for Audrey 2. Such a sadistic but stunning plant lol.

Well I’m off to work again in a bit, got so much to do, and can’t see me getting it done today, so it looks like il be back in work tomorrow. Hay, what can I say, I love my job đŸ˜‰

20140427-102827 am.jpg

20140427-102839 am.jpg


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