To-Clays the Day!!

After making 4 sword hilts out of clay for my Iron Throne, I was so pleased with myself. They looked amazing, considering I had never, ever used air drying clay before.

Today after they had FINALLY dried out and painted, I decided in between other commissions, I would add the swords to the throne. I managed to make 2 small holes to support the hilts with wire, so the glue didn’t have to take all of the weight, but after I did that, the glue refused to stay on the clay!!! This drove me crazy. Why wouldn’t it stay? And worse still, the glue was drying out before I was getting the glue to connect to the throne. Grrrrrrrrr

So after much fighting, and wanting to through the swords through the window, I managed to get them to stick onto the throne. Now I am praying, that they are still attached to it when I go back in tomorrow!!!!

To be honest, if it does all work out, it looks really good. Just need to do lots more and think of stronger ways to get them to stay. Here’s hoping :-/

20140426-070417 pm.jpg

20140426-070436 pm.jpg


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