Full time Mums are NOT suitable for this job!!

Being dyslexic I use to get a lot of people telling me I couldn’t do something, I’m use to it, I like to prove them wrong though but it’s not a very rare thing to hear.

But last year I was told the same thing for a very different reason indeed! I started sending out emails to studios and theatre companies around Wales, expressing my passion and desperate to learn more. I had a few replies, and they were all very positive. I became very excited and was raring to learn more about my skills. I went to one place towards the end of last year and was shown around and introduced to the people who worked then. Saw the amazing things they did and saw that it was all within my skill range. This got me very excited indeed.

Towards the end of my day there, I was approached by one of the members of staff. We got chatting and they then said to me
“You are not suitable for this sort of work, because you are a full time Mum”

Well I stood there in shock!! Not suitable? Really?

In February this year, my friend Stacey, owner of Revue Studios, Swansea, told me that the best form of revenge is success!!! How true she was. I have done really well so far and work bloody hard. When the studios open and the kids are in school or Adam is home from work, I’m working. I love it. Time flies. It really is my passion.

So here’s two fingers up to that person, and any other person out there who has been told they can’t do something, prove them wrong and shine!!!! We are all capable. People like that make me far more determined and I’m a much better person for it 😉


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