Air drying Clay to Go please!!

Today was my first attempt at using air drying clay. Wow I LOVE IT!!!!

It is so easy to use and once dried, it can be painted with normal paint. I bought some cheep acrylic crystals from Crafty Beggars and pushed them into the clay while it was wet. I made each hilt different from the designs from the Iron Throne and made a small hole at the bottom of the hilt for the blade to be inserted. I am itching to get back for my long studio shift tomorrow now. All I want to do is start adding them to the chair and make more. They are completely flat backed so they will sit against the back of the chair to make room for more.

Apparently there are 50 hilts or so just on the front and sides of the Iron Throne, so I have plenty more to make.

I will be doing a few melted hilts to for the base of the chair. It’s still a very long way off but it’s coming along nicely. I feel much more happier with it now then I was yesterday.

This throne is going to be EPPIC!!!!

20140423-093351 pm.jpg

20140423-093415 pm.jpg

20140423-093431 pm.jpg

20140423-093441 pm.jpg

20140423-093454 pm.jpg

20140423-105723 pm.jpg


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