Dr Who?……

Happy Easter to you all. Our Sunday has been full of chocolate, roast chicken dinner and Dr Who.

I havnt been into it for that long. I watched it a lot as a child but as I got older I got alittle bored. Then, last year, we were informed that part of the Dr Who 50th anniversary episode was being film behind our house and took a peek. Managed to get told off by members of the crew for getting my head in one of David Tennants shots and then had to make a run for it. We then took my nephew Riley to the Dr Who Experience in Cardiff last December. Got to say, I loved it more then they did, so naturally I started watching all the past episodes back to back. It’s just brilliant. Can’t stop watching it. I have decided, like a good and caring Mum, I am going to paint my boys bedroom door like the front of the Tardis. Quite looking forward to it really. I painted their wall with a scene from Batman. They loved it and so do it.

Dr Who is also a good place for Prop inspiration. I was thinking of making a K9 replica. Need to get the Iron Throne out of the way first. That is going to make such a awesome office chair 😉

20140420-033409 pm.jpg


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