Studio Shift

It’s 10am and I’m just getting ready to go to the studio for a 6 hour shift. It’s strange how excited I get before starting any shift there. Got so much to get through today but as always, il be taking my time. Nothing looks good if it’s been rushed.

The Iron Throne is being tackled today, because all next week il be working on a pair of Gargoyle wings that I’ve been waiting for ages to arrive. The frame work is being made by my father-in-law as he’s very cleaver with things like that so once they arrive it’s all hands on deck to get them finished in time. I can’t wait to see them finished. They are going to look incredible.

In the mean time, it’s back to the iron throne and the 7ft columns. My daughter Monica who works with me is still making her 6ft number 5. She’s doing really well. Can’t wait to see it all finished so we can show off her work.

The studio at the moment is look alittle cramped. Need to move stuff about and make more room. Who would of thought in a studio that size, I’d start to run out of space this quickly. Well it just goes to show how much we have done in the short time we have been there.

20140419-100744 am.jpg


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