God, after reading this back, it sounds so bloody boring lol

“When your self employed, your working, even when your not” they weren’t wrong!! Thats what I was told when I started my self employment course last month. Don’t get me wrong I bloomin love my job, and I mean LOVE my job, but it never leaves my mind, morning, noon or night. I guess that’s the curse for being creative.

I thought writing a blog would be easy, but writing this while watching The Originals at 4.45 in the morning, was not the best idea, on the plus side, watching shows such as this, is fantastic for ‘Prop’ ideas. I also love watching program’s like Da Vincis Demons, which is filmed just down the road in Swansea, or films such as Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit or even my personal favourite Harry Potter. They all have something to inspire.

So, why have I decided to start writing a blog? The truth is, I’ve been watching Sherlock, and they are always talking about Johns blog, so I thought “what the hell, how hard can it be?” But I really didn’t think you could get writers block while writing a bloody blog lol. Oh well it’s all a learning curve.

Going to keep this one short and sweet though, so I don’t bore you all to death. So welcome to my blog, I will try not to become addicted as much as some of my friends are (Sam) but I do love reading them 🙂

Mwah x


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