King Robert Baratheon Back on His Iron Throne

My God what a ride. I think it’s safe to say I have the best job EVER. 

It’s been so long since I wrote a blog but here it is. As some of you may know I made an Iron Throne replica last year. It took 4 months with friends and family coming in to the studio to make a hilt each. It was to be the biggest project so far. 

By the time I had finished I hated it lol. I wanted to get rid of it and just sell it but I am so glad it never sold.

A very very good friend of mine told a few of his friends who happen to run a few Comic Con conventions around to UK about it and suddenly in Febuarty I was getting endless calls from people asking could the hire it for their event? Well I was in total shock and amazed that they liked it enough to want it lol. 

I’m my own worst critic so I see so many problems with it that I couldn’t understand why someone would WANT to hire it. So for the next 2 months I updated it. Adding more hilts and blades and a total new paint job. It looked pretty good but in my eyes not good enough. I worried that no one at Wales Comic Con would like it and that they would say it was total crap but I went to Wales Comic Con with it anyway. 

I was amazed. There were endless lines and crowds of people wanting to sit on MY Iron Throne. There was no break from it. It was completely amazing. I had almost 1000 people sit and have pictures on my throne. They loved it. I couldn’t of been happier. 

Then towards the end of the day, a few familiar faces showed up to have their picture on my Iron Throne. Andy Kellegher, Kerry Ingram, Conan Stevens and the King himself, Mark Addy. Conan and Mark both signed my throne. I didn’t have a pen for Kerry and Andy as they came first. Trust me I won’t be making that mistake again!!!!

I just could believe how amazing they all were. Mark Addy even gave me a hug and said well done after he signed it. It truly made my day. 

So now not only have I got an Iron Throne replica that I made myself, I have an Iron Throne that has been used and signed by some of the cast members and has NOW been approved by HBO themselves who tweeted that if they loose the one in Belfast, there’s another one in Tonna, Neath lol. 

I wasn’t a Game of Thrones fan till I started to make my Throne. My Throne is now being hired out to more conventions this year and the condition is that if there are Game of Thrones cast members there, they have to have a picture on my Throne and sign the back of it as well. 

I am now building something really special to go with the throne on its travels so will post pictures up as I get them.  



Throne me down with a feather and call me Shirley!!!

I’ve been building the Game of Thrones, Iron Throne for 4 months now and I am hoping I will get it finished by this weekend.

I’ve been working on and off it for so long. It’s looking amazing though but it’s just taken so much of my time that I need to get it completed.

When I make things, I always put 110% into everything I do. I love my work as you all know but sometimes, when you have been working on something for this long, you just want it finished and out of the way.

My official Studio opening is this weekend. 7.30pm at Revue Studios, Castle Square, Swansea on the 2nd of August. It’s meant to be an informal event so I’m trying to not get too stressed over it. Prop Maker Wales Grand Opening

It’s going to be a brilliant night and one I hope everyone will remember and enjoy for all the right reasons. Then next weekend all my props are being show cased in Margam Castle for the Heroes & Legends Autograph Show where my Game of Thrones Throne, my Star Ship Enterprise and a few other lovely and amazing items will be on display and some even for sale. I am so looking forward to it. We go every year and every year it emits well worth it 😀

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Video Blog, Really?

I have been asked by a few people to start a blog of my job. At first I said to them that I have a blog, but they said a video blog. Where I talk about my job and show some of the tricks of the trade. At first the idea scared the life out of me as I would prefer to be behind the camera but then I got to thinking, this would be classed as teaching wouldn’t it? Showing my students far and wide how to be a prop maker. I would be totally crap at first but hay, I’d get use to it.

So starting next week I am going to try and do a blog of my job. Showing a few techniques at how to do what it is I do. I’m all self taught so I might get an ear full from other prop makers but hay I don’t care. It’s all a bit of fun lol

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Growing Up

My little boy is having his last day in nursery tomorrow before the summer holidays and then will be full time in September. Now as a self employed lady, this is a brilliant thing because I will now be able to work days instead of nights, but as a Mum, who will no longer have any more babies. This is so so sad.

He is my baby. The youngest of my 3 children and with no more babies coming my way, it’s the realisation that this is it. He’s going to big school. I want to hold his hand forever but I guess that won’t be possible. How long before he doesn’t want to kiss me at the school gates? How long till he doesn’t want to sit and have cuddles with Mum? It’s going to break my heart.

I am so very proud of my babies and I love them with all my heart but I guess they have to grow up sometime. Tomorrow is his last day and I’m going to be a total wreck. I’m normally quite hidden with my emotion and I treat every day the same but tomorrow will be different.

Harry and I spend Monday evening making a present for his teacher. He drew a picture and then we painted it together, then I used the soldering iron to write on the wood. We loved it but Harry couldn’t wait till the last day to give it to his teacher, so we gave it to her this morning. She was so touched. She’s such an amazing teacher. He’s only going to the class next door but it’s such a huge change. Oh my baby boy xxxxxx

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A Prop Makers New Toy

As there are hardly any prop making courses out there except London I have been doing a little research on line. Looking at new ways of making things and new effects that can be created with simple methods. It has really helped me to discover new ideas and just see how incredibly simple it is to get a scratched effect on fake metal.

One video should how the got a Predator helmet to look narrated a warn. They used an air brush to get the colours sprayed into the helmet and then took a simple nail file, put a little silver paint on it and used it across the parts of the helmet the wanted to get the battered effect on. It was just so simple. So I am going to be using these techniques on my Iron Throne.

I was told yesterday that my Iron Throne from Game of Thrones is going to be sitting in pride of place on the stair case in Margam Castle for the Heroes and Legends Autograph Show. I am so so so excited about this 😀


Love it. Live that model pic. Who was she? Love the eyes 🙂

Studio Gossip

Well it looks like we’ve been sparking rumors again with Helen coming in for her latest shoot.

We read that due to posting a picture of herself whilst out and about in Swansea, that it set off lots of theories that Scott would be making a return to Swansea, Oh dear! See South Wales Evening Post

Were not sure about that one, but we do know that a fabulous 2 days of shooting was had here @Revue!


Speaking of controversy, we have recently gone against the notion that Men can’t dance (with both our Hip Hop Group lessons and 1-2-1 tuition) with Nathan breaking some real boundaries. Yep Nathan has been inundated with middle age men taking to ditching the stigma you’d think would be attached to a dance studio and booking Private Dance lessons – JUST because they’ve always wanted to. GOAL!


Last Night with a ‘better late…

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It’s a Mans world!!

Or is it? As you all know I am a prop maker. We use tools of all kinds such an sanders, drills, saws and many many other tools of the building, decorating and carpentry trade.

Yes I am a girl and yes I have long hair, long nails, wear make-up and batter my eye lids when needed but I am in the trade. I went into B&Q not so long ago to enquire about a trade card and when I asked the man behind the counter he just looked at me. He said “You have to be in the trade” I said “I know!” Grrrrrr

So I then went into toolstation and was wandering again how I was going to be treated but this time I was treated really well. They were so helpful and really nice , even though I was given some in-approving looks from some other men who looked at me like I really didn’t belong there.

Then I went into Travis Perkins and I was just stood there like I didn’t belong and all these men were just stood there looking at me, not happy at all but I took a deep breath and asked about Plywood. I new what I wanted so I new what to ask for. This I felt quite happy about. But then for some reason my trade card details wouldn’t show up so I felt really out of place.

Anyway, it’s all sorted now and I am now able to shop where I want at trade prices. This make a huge difference because the materials I have to use can get really expensive. I’m now really looking forward to working with my plywood now 😀

New recruits :-)

We are very pleased to welcome a new artist to our studio tomorrow. We understand that they volunteer for a small production theatre company and this lady has been responsible for putting most of their props together. I have invited her to come along to our studio because I have already seen what she is capable of and want to help her grow her skills further. I’m looking forward to working with her as I’m sure she can also open my eyes to a few things in the prop making world. I have also told her to bring along some of her on-going projects for us to take a look at and see if there is anything we can do to help.

With my Prop Making business, this is what I want to do. I love the idea of like minded students/individuals coming to my studio and working together. I understand that this lady is also self taught just like me so it’s a great way to get stuck in.

At the end of the day this job is my passion and if I can share that then I’m more then happy too.

If anyone is interested or you know someone who is interested in doing a little work experiences it us, then get in touch.

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I don’t agree (cross face)

Over the last few days I’ve been coming down with something or other but now it has finally started to come out. I am feeling totally drained and full of old but luckily because I am self employed I can take time off from work without having to tell my boss.

This is great but the only problem is I don’t get paid for being off. I know this is even a regular problem with employed people at the moment with the “0 Hours Contracts” that becoming so popular with employers these day and with this I do not agree with.

For me it’s my choice not to be employed and to be my own boss but then there are people out there who work say 30 to 70 hours + a week and yes they get paid, but then if anything happens, and because of their 0 hours contract, they don’t get paid a penny. This is wrong, so wrong and shouldn’t don’t be aloud!!!!

I know that some employees don’t have a choice but to take these jobs but where the employer is concerned it’s just discusting.

Anyway, rant over with. Enjoy your day my fellow bloggers and readers.

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Paper mâche. The tricks of the trade ;-)

Today I had a visit from a lovely lady who was struggling to make a prop for a production they were putting on. Now I don’t Normally give away my secrets but with this one, I couldn’t say no.

Where paper mâché is concerned it’s very easy to do but it’s not easy to get that smooth finish on your cardbored or plaster or expanding foam.

When I first started making props is want to get the job done quick so I would put huge pieces of paper on the item when using paper mâché. This would leave the ripple effect and raised paper instead of getting that smooth finish. So during my research I found out that if you use small pieces of paper (which will take you much longer) you get less raised pieces and a much smoother finish. Then this leaves you with a lovely surface to paint on.

I have attached photos. The first photo is of a very rippled surface which I used large pieces of paper to cover.
The second picture of of a very smooth surface which much smaller pieces of paper and no ripples.

20140630-090048 pm-75648655.jpg

20140630-090049 pm-75649287.jpg